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Whether you want to learn more about meal planning, baking yeast breads, preserving fruits and vegetables, or making a delicious gluten free dessert, you'll enjoy AVC Kitchens culinary nutrition cooking classes designed for the home cook.

Each cooking class provides you with a great opportunity to increase your knowledge about nutrition as you broaden your culinary palate and meet new friends.

AVC Kitchens mission is to provide innovative and creative culinary nutrition cooking classes for the home cook; to produce and sell quality homemade food products; and to operate a company that actively seeks to initiate ways to improve the quality of nutritional health of the local community.

At AVC Kitchens our goal is to rekindle your interest in home cooking and good health.
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Welcome to AVC Kitchens
Home of culinary nutrition cooking
Making yeast breads using ancient grains is one of our many culinary classes.   Discover the joy of making your own homemade breads. 
Enjoy small class size with hands on instructions. In each class you will have an  opportunity to taste a variety of different vegetarian recipes
Learn the Art of Vegetarian Cuisine
You don't have to give up meat to discover new ways of creating healthy, great tasting entrees and side dishes using vegetables, grains, legume and fruits.  
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