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      Vegetarian Meal Planning
      Ovo-Lacto, Vegan, Raw 
*Growing Microgreens and Sprouts
*Cooking with Whole Grains
*Cooking with Nuts and Seeds
*Vegetable Entrees
*Legume Entrees
Gut Healthy Foods
*Sea Vegetables
*Kefir, Kimchi
*Miso Magic
Culinary Adventure
*A Taste of Latin America
*A Taste of Africa
*A Taste of India
*A Taste of Thai
*A Taste of Asia
Bread Making
*Pizza Dough
*Sour Dough Breads
*Grain Free Breads
*Flat Breads
*Dumpling, Crepes 
Healthy Desserts
*Ice Cream
*Cakes, Pies and Cobblers
*Curds, Custards
*No Cooking Sweet Treats
Wok Cookery
*Selecting Your Wok 
*Caring for Your Wok
*Basic Stir Fry Techniques
*Stir Frying Vegetables
*Stir Frying Meats
Condiments & Preserves
*Jams, Jellies, Marmalades
*Mustards, Compound Butters
*Herb Oils, Vinegars
       Nutritional Health and Wellness Classes
Essential Oils
*Introduction to Essential Oils
*Making Personal Care Products
*Making Cleaning Products
*Medicinal Uses for Essential Oils
*Detoxification with Essential Oils.
     Nutrition Education Programs
Eating Outside the Box
A community outreach program created to introduce youth to foods that they may not normally eat or have never tasted.  The 60-minute program includes nutrition information, food samples, and door prizes.
Nutrition and Healing 
A community outreach program created to introduce participants to ways of preventing or reducing their chances of developing diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and obesity.  The program also covers popular diets, the dangers of common pharmaceutical drugs, and how to create a healthy living plan.
        AVC Kitchens Vegetarian Culinary Classes
Nutrition and Healing Certificate Courses 101, 102, 103
*Detoxing for Optimal Health
*Vitamins & Minerals Supplements
*Truth About Cancer
*Truth About Vaccines
*Decoding Food & Product Labels
*Alzheimer's Prevention
*Creating Your Healthy Living Program
*Diabetes Prevention
*Oral Heal and Heart Disease
*EMF and Brain Health
*Dieting for Weight Loss